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Lifeback Legal Services specializes in helping individuals take their life back with California criminal record expungements and nationwide, federal licensing services – with a special focus on FINRA, NMLS, and Section 19 FDIC Waivers.

We are a full service, client-focused law firm, who has done thousands of California criminal record expungements to date and are aggressive advocates who use our experience to get cases granted even in the face of prosecutor objections or an initial court denial. At Lifeback Legal Services you will be treated you as a person, not a number.

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Simply put, a way to take your life back.

Roughly 72% of employers background check every new employee before they’re hired. Of those, 82% perform a criminal background check and 38% check licensing (career builder). A criminal record or a licensing issue can keep you from getting hired or can lead to a new job ending in termination. Why risk it?

Expungement is the legal procedure used to seal, destroy or limit the consequences of a case’s record.

There are different types of record clearing or expungement relief, and each of those legal procedures can use different terminology and have different effects on the criminal record.

Enjoy Time With Your Family

Child custody, foster parenting, or adoption – a record expungement can make a difference in the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

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Expungement Process

You are eligible for a California expungement as long as:

  1. Your offense was in a state court in California
  2. You did not go to state prison,
  3. You have completed your probationary term, and
  4. You have paid all fines and fees.

If you were not sentenced to probation then at least one year must have passed and if you are still on probation we can petition to have your probationary term ended early.

If you are still on probation, you may still be eligible for a dismissal under 1203.4, by having your probation terminated early. Courts often will allow for probation to be terminated early as long as you have complied with the terms of your probation and completed at least half of your term. Talk with one of our experienced attorneys and we can discuss the details of your case.
Remember there are different types of relief! If you went to state prison this does mean that you are ineligible for a 1203.4 dismissal, but you may be eligible for a Certificate of Rehabilitation.
No. We can attend court for you. You can still attend if you wish, but it is not necessary.
We can complete your case in as little as 2 months depending on the circumstances. Most of this time is because the courts are slow and don’t hear cases right away after they are filed. Note that some counties take up to 5 months! Also, if your case is old and doesn’t have good records, your case will take longer. Tell us at sign up if you have a specific deadline and we will do our best to make it happen.

We are a boutique firm with more attorneys that legal assistants. That means that we are able to beat the processing times of our competitors and put real attorneys on your case, instead of underqualified legal assistants.

There is no limit to how many cases you can expunge as long as all of them meet the eligibility requirements.
We can assist you by completing case research and pulling all of your case documents that we need. After completing case research, we then contact you to let you know what cases you have and what can be done with each case. With our transparent pricing, you can know up front how much it will cost depending on what type of service your case will require.

Expungement Benefits

Yes in limited circumstances. For example you must disclose it when contracting with the California State Lottery, when applying for any public office, or when applying for a state license.
No. The DMV record is maintained on its own schedule and cannot be expunged.
No. The case is removed from commercial background checks but will still show on government background checks as “Dismissed pursuant to CA Penal Code 1203.4.”
No. The only way to remove the registration requirement is to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation, which can remove the requirement in some circumstances.
No. Your firearm rights can be restored by a reduction, if the case was not a domestic violence related conviction under the federal definition. We can determine what is required to restore your gun rights so that you can obtain your Second Amendment rights to possess a firearm gun. Gun rights can be very complicated, and every single gun ban must be lifted in order to restore your rights.
No. A felony conviction which is a strike on your record cannot be removed by a 1203.4 expungement. This is only possible with a reduction. However, a reduction only removes the strike for future convictions, not past convictions. People v. Park, 56 Cal. App 4th 782 (2013); People v. Diaz, 41 Cal. App 4th 1424 (1996).


Once you hire us, Lifeback Legal Services handles everything for you.

Shea M. Randall

Founding Attorney

We are a full service Law Firm — from gathering documentation, hand-crafting petitions, and dealing with the headache of the Courts. We will appear on your behalf to show the Court that you deserve relief.

Dealing with the burden of a criminal record can be debilitating. Lifeback Legal Services strives to lift that burden by helping you take your life back – giving you the confidence to say “no” when questioned about past convictions, making room for promotions, and future success.

When you contact our office you will be in direct contact with our founding attorney, Mr. Shea M. Randall. Mr. Randall provides outstanding one-on-one communication with clients to ensure all of your legal needs are met.

You can sign up today in our online store after completing our free online eligibility test or by contacting our office today at (888) 751-5329 or messaging us here.

Here are the steps in the process:


Initial Case Research

Our efficient team of Attorneys will pull your record to verify your case’s eligibility.


Expedited Filing

We will then draft the Affidavits, Motions, and Petitions for the Prosecutor and Judge.


Hearing Date

Our Attorneys will appear in Court on your behalf. Our team is prepared to deal with any objections or requests.


Successful Outcome

We send you the judge’s order so that you can move on with your career and goals.



Your Life Back

Remember: different services provide different types of relief.

Some expungement services completely remove the case from your FBI and California State records, while others dismiss the case and and remove it from only commercial background check companies.

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Opportunities, success, and peace of mind. Join the 1000+ Clients that have expunged their criminal records with Lifeback Legal Services, your leading post-Conviction relief Law Firm.

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